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Our passion and objectives are to improve women and men’s overall health through hormone replacement therapy, Medical weight loss, peptide therapy and breast cancer prevention. Our treatment protocol for women and men’s overall hormone management includes an algorithm designed by board certified physicians to individually dose the patient based on underlying symptoms, obtain laboratory analysis of the patient’s blood to determine testosterone and other nutrient, neuro-transmitter and hormone levels. We will implement an individualized treatment regimen based on your lab results and provide long-term monitoring to ensure efficacy of the treatment and to adjust dosages as needed.

What is
Hormone Therapy?

Bio-Identical Hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) refers to the process of re-introducing a hormone or a combination of hormones back into the body to help the body function properly. With age, our hormones decrease and stop performing as well as they once did, which can result in a wide variety of problems. BHRT is a highly effective treatment for both men and women. Hormone replacements' most effective treatment option is dosing with hormone-releasing pellets. Our hormone replacement therapy treatment is created specifically for each patient based on their bloodwork to provide the right amount of hormones for his or her unique needs, habit, lifestyle, and medical history. This treatment will include the type of hormones needed, as well as dosage and how it is administered. BHRT essentially sets your body chemistry back to where it needs to be so that you can feel your best.

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Patient Center

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