What is FULL LIFE Bio-identical Hormone Therapy?

FULL LIFE Therapy is the most convenient and effective method of hormone replacement available. It has been thoroughly documented and researched in medical journals since 1939 and involves the simple and painless insertion of bio-identical hormone pellets under the skin. Once the pellets are inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it. This gives the body the ability to control the release of the hormone just as it did when the ovaries and testicles were working normally

What are pellets made from?

The pellets are manufactured according to the highest industry standards, using the best quality botanical ingredients available. They are specifically formulated to replicate the human hormone. Just pure, natural, biologically identical hormones.

What can FULL LIFE Therapy do for me?

Our patients report feeling fantastic again! Some of the benefits* include:

  • Restored or increased sexual desire

  • Relief from anxiety and depression

  • Improved energy, exercise tolerance, muscle mass

  • Consistency in moods

  • Increased mental clarity, focus, memory

  • Greater capacity for getting the body in shape

How often will I need FULL LIFE Therapy?

More great news...we only have to see our patients generally two to three times per year.

I get horrible headaches. Will this help me?

Yes! FULL LIFE Therapy has had great success with hormonally related headaches.

Why hasn’t my doctor suggested FULL LIFE Therapy as an option?

The majority of physician training is on synthetic hormones. Most likely, your doctor was never trained in the use of bio-identical hormone pellets.

Are there any side effects or complications?

Side effects in both men and women are rare. In women, transient breast tenderness lasting seven to ten days may occur with the first insertion, but rarely with repeat treatments. Acne and hair loss are rare occurrences from testosterone therapy. The growth of facial hair is also rare and occurs no more frequently than what happens in post-menopausal women on no hormones. In men, the side effects are also rare, but may include decreased sperm count, decreased testicular mass, and possible prostate enlargement. These side effects occur much more frequently with the use of synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

How long will it take for the pellets to start working?

Most female patients report that they begin to experience improvement within several days of receiving their pellets. Testosterone pellets may take two weeks to express their benefits for men and women.

I have no libido. Can FULL LIFE Therapy help?

Yes. Hormone balance will improve your sexual desire.

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