Breast Cancer Study

Breast Cancer Study

Breast Cancer Study

Breast Cancer Study

Breast Cancer Study

Breast Cancer Study

Study of Adjunct Testosterone Implant Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients

Testosterone is the most abundant hormone in females and is FDA approved for palliative care of metastatic breast cancer. Testosterone implants have been used to treat menopausal symptoms for over 80 years.

Our study is a prospective observational study of two cohorts of breast cancer patients who want to increase their Quality of Life!

Cohort 1: Breast Cancer (BC) patients who have completed initial breast cancer treatment (surgery/chemo/radiation) and were prescribed endocrine therapy (Tamoxifen or an Aromatase inhibitor (AI)) but have difficulty staying on therapy due to symptoms.

Cohort 2: Breast Cancer patients who have completed the standard-of-care breast cancer treatment, with or without endocrine based therapy, and are no longer recommended any current treatment. They have poor Quality of Life due to symptoms related to breast cancer treatment and/or menopause.

We have found that subcutaneous Testosterone pellet therapy relieves symptoms of hormone deficiency in women with and without breast cancer, improves their quality of life, and maintains overall health and well-being. Testosterone does not increase and may lower the risk of breast cancer. The combination of Testosterone with an aromatase inhibitor prevents the conversion of androgens to estrogens, limiting their stimulatory effect in estrogen-sensitive diseases, including breast cancer.

What is testosterone pellet therapy?

Testosterone used in our therapy are bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are plant-based compounds specifically formulated to match the molecular structure of human hormones.

The pellets are manufactured at a 503B, FDA licensed and regulated compounding manufacturer. They are derived from a natural plant-based ingredient. Just pure, natural, biologically identical hormones — plain and simple.

Full Life Therapy

Thousands of women across the U.S. and internationally prefer using pellet therapy to achieve a natural, healthy balance of hormones. Our patients report that they feel fabulous again! Some of the many benefits* they report include:

  • Enhanced libido and/or increased sexual desire

  • Decreased body fat and greater capacity to get in shape

  • Reduced fatigue and increased energy levels

  • Increased mental focus, clarity and concentration

  • Improved memory

  • Consistency in moods – reduction in feelings of anger, nervousness and irritability

  • Relief from anxiety and depression

  • Increased sense of overall well-being

  • Protection from heart disease

What is the procedure like?

Each hormone pellet is slipped painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip. A mild, local anesthetic is used and the procedure takes less than five minutes. Once the pellet is inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the blood stream whenever your body needs it. Repeat treatments involve a brief visit to a FULL LIFE office a few times per year. That’s it!

To participate, you must have approval from your oncologist if you are still actively following and proper informed consent.

For More Information On How To Participate In This Study, Contact:

FULL LIFE of Green Hills

Leah Choulet
(615) 422-6004

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